Tough Walls Acrylic Paint & Primer

16, 24, 34, C34, 60, C60, 22, C22

Tough Walls is engineered to deliver exceptional stain resistance and washability. The ideal choice for high-traffic areas, it dries to a smooth, long-lasting finish. Add easy application, excellent hide and quick drying power, Tough Walls is your go-to interior paint and primer. Available in five acrylic sheens—and one alkyd formula—the Tough Walls line includes solutions for all your interior painting needs.

  • Exceptional stain resistance
  • Durable, washable finish
  • Excellent hide
  • Easy application
  • Low VOC

Available Sheens: Ultra Flat (16 Line), Flat (24 line), Eggshell (34 line), Satin (60 line), and Semi-Gloss (22 line)

Available Colors: All colors*

Cleanup: Warm, soapy water

Resin Type: Acrylic

Recommended Use: Interior

MPI Rating: N/A

VOC Level: <50 g/L (16, 24, 34, C34, 60, C60, 22, and C22 lines); < 100 g/L (34, 60 and 22 lines)

*Colors not available in all sheens. Contact your local Coronado Paint dealer for product availability, including sizes, colors, and sheens.


TDS 24 Line (English)

TDS C34 Line (English)

TDS 34 Line (English)

TDS 60 Line (English)

TDS C60 Line (English)

TDS 22 Line (English)

TDS C22 Line (English)

TDS 16 Line (English)

SDS 24-1 (English)

SDS 24-32 (English)

SDS 24-33 (English)

SDS 24-36 (English)

SDS 24-34 (English)

SDS C34-1 (English)

SDS 34-1 (English)

SDS 34-34 (English)

SDS C34-36 (English)

SDS C34-32 (English)

SDS 34-36 (English)

SDS 34-33 (English)

SDS C34-34 (English)

SDS C34-33 (English)

SDS 34-32 (English)

SDS C60-33 (English)

SDS C60-32 (English)

SDS 60-34 (English)

SDS C60-36 (English)

SDS C60-34 (English)

SDS C60-1 (English)

SDS 60-36 (English)

SDS 60-1 (English)

SDS 60-33 (English)

SDS 60-32 (English)

SDS 22-33 (English)

SDS C22-1 (English)

SDS C22-32 (English)

SDS 22-36 (English)

SDS 22-34 (English)

SDS 22-32 (English)

SDS C22-36 (English)

SDS C22-34 (English)

SDS 22-1 (English)

SDS C22-33 (English)

SDS 16-33 (English)

SDS 16 -1 (English)

SDS 16-32 (English)

SDS 24-32 (Español)

SDS 24-36 (Español)

SDS 24-1 (Español)

SDS 24-34 (Español)

SDS 24-33 (Español)

SDS C34-34 (Español)

SDS 34-33 (Español)

SDS C34-1 (Español)

SDS 34-36 (Español)

SDS 34-34 (Español)

SDS C34-36 (Español)

SDS C34-32 (Español)

SDS 34-32 (Español)

SDS 34-1 (Español)

SDS C34-33 (Español)

SDS C60-36 (Español)

SDS C60-33 (Español)

SDS C60-34 (Español)

SDS 60-32 (Español)

SDS C60-32 (Español)

SDS C60-1 (Español)

SDS 60-36 (Español)

SDS 60-34 (Español)

SDS 60-33 (Español)

SDS 60-1 (Español)

SDS C22-34 (Español)

SDS 22-36 (Español)

SDS C22-1 (Español)

SDS C22-36 (Español)

SDS C22-33 (Español)

SDS 22-33 (Español)

SDS 22-1 (Español)

SDS C22-32 (Español)

SDS 22-34 (Español)

SDS 22-32 (Español)

SDS 16-1 (Español)

SDS 16-33 (Español)

SDS 16-32 (Español)